Crossing the Border

The Monday Morning Poem of the Week brings you this wry reminder of the signposts in our lives. Since it’s a journey which we all take, we might as well enjoy it with a mix of dry humor.

Crossing the Border

Senescence begins

And middle age ends

The day your descendants

Outnumber your friends.

_ Ogden Nash

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4 Responses to Crossing the Border

  1. emdrenthus9384 says:

    Years ago when my ex’s mother was dying, my daughter Jess went out to visit. On her way back she sent me a text and said, “Dad… I don’t know if I can take care of you when you get older.”

    I said, “Will you at least snuff me out with a pillow?”

    She responded, “Of course daddy, I love you!”

    In the face of death, gallows humor is a necessity.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you guys are well.


  2. LaShelle says:

    Ugh I’m already at that point I think 😆

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