Wise Circumstances

It’s Monday, so time for another Poem of the Week. This past weekend I traveled down memory lane, looking through boxes of old photos and papers, seeking a gift for a long-time colleague having a landmark birthday. It was here that I came across this old poem, and couldn’t help but smile.

Wise Circumstances

You are not someone I would pick

had not we been thrown together

            by circumstances

  I would never have known you

                        loved you

            and been loved

                        by you

Circumstances seem wiser than I

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2 Responses to Wise Circumstances

  1. LaShelle says:

    Sooo beautiful! I can relate to this with my husband 🥰

  2. Interesting timing. I was just listening to the latest Freakonomics Podcast episode. Why Did You Marry That Person. It discusses, in part, the phenomenon where it turns out our “soul mate” happens to be one of the fairly limited people who happened to be in our orbit.

    While we, in theory, have a nearly limitless set of choices of whom to marry, we, in fact, tend to have a significantly smaller set of actual choices governed by, proximity, our social circle, class, language, etc. For the great majority, there are typically anywhere from 5 to 20 true opportunities to find a mate.

    Of course, circumstance and mathematical opportunity feels far less romantic than “meant to be”. But, step back and consider the mathematical chances that we are here at all – that those particular ovum and sperm joined at this particular time and met all the geographic / social circle, etc. factors and its surprising that anyone ever met any other particular person.

    I’m pretty happy that all those chance occurrences found me at our mutual friends house years ago. It was “meant to be.” 😉

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