Many of you have likely noticed that Monday’s Poem of the Week often have themes related to medicine and family. I make no apologies for this, for this is who I am, and this is what I do. However, as the themes of life, death and family are common to us all, I hope you enjoy these offerings.


A twitch

The answer to a question

That I dare not ask.

Electric tendrils scamper down

Like skiers picking up steam from

The peak of what once was a towering intellect

Navigating contours of muscle

That once held up our family

Sliding to a halt at a fingertip

That accidentally beckons me closer.

They tell me you are gone

That these vibratos enlivening your grasp

Silently strumming a melody of hope

Are the enigma of a mind lost.

Bit I cannot just decide that

That there isn’t a cipher just beyond my reach.

If there was a way, you’d sleuth it.

Perhaps I’m the fool

Choosing the middle card again

Knowing full well that there will be no winners.

Yet here I stand guard

Shining my flashlight at the black hole

Hoping the obscurity may resolve

If I just shake these bad batteries.

  • Samuel J. Belfer
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6 Responses to Fasciculation

  1. LaShelle says:

    This is so deep and rich. I love the analogy of a missing piece. So beautiful my friend

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