Ode to the Stuff in the Garage

Our garage (like so many others) is full of good intentions. I’m indebted to my friend Dave for sharing the following for this Monday’s Poem of the Week. Someone once told me that it’s better to sit on a thumbtack than to have a good idea, for it makes you get up and do something about it. J

Ode to the Stuff in the Garage

O teetering piles of useful debris
Remainders and reminders of the mess I used to be
I want to keep you in my life forever, apathetically
Storage is a failure to accept mortality
O memories in cardboard, O projects yet half-done
Old sports equipment pitifully promising new fun
Rusty tools and paper jewels and follies of the young
Springs awaiting opportunities of being sprung
Our time has come and gone but I still treasure what we had
And so I keep you close to me and how can that be bad?
I’d like to come and visit all the objects I adore
Unfortunately there’s so much now I can’t get through the door

Copyright © 2011 by Dave Grossman

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4 Responses to Ode to the Stuff in the Garage

  1. LaShelle says:

    What a beautiful way to look at the stuff we keep!

  2. With the never-opened containers in our garage, I’ve told Deb that we seem intent on giving our children something to do when we are gone.

  3. Bacardi Gold says:

    I love this. Elegantly written lines. Perfect !

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