Land of Opportunities

Once again, I’m grateful to my friend Dave for the following verses for this Monday’s Poem of the Week. Yesterday was 9/11, a sobering reminder of what our country went through on a day I thought we never forget. Sadly, the unity we experienced when faced with the tragedies of the day have been sadly forgotten by too many. I can only hope that enough of us will remember the good parts of what has made America the nation that others looked to. This poem is a satiric reminder to all those who don’t. Note that due to circumstances beyond our control, there will not be Poem of the Week next Monday.

Land of Opportunities

A cup of coffee, large, I told the outrospective teen
Who smiled and asked if he should leave a bit of room for cream
And did I want to purchase the extended warranty?
Just in case, you never know, he offered helpfully
And possibly I’d like to have a heating service plan
A sweetener subscription, conversation-on-demand
I brought my wife along for those, I wittily deflected
Some argument insurance then, you’ll want to be protected I sat and was surprised to hear a voice beneath my chair
A pressure sensor triggering a speaker under there
Sitting down and music have a usage correlation
So it would like to give me some important information
About an innovative entertainment destination
A web-enabled, HD-ready, mobile cushion station
It’s something I cannot afford to not be in the loop on
So reach below my seat and I will find a free song coupon The table spoke up next, it introduced itself as “Ray”
It knew my name, address and phone and just how much I weigh
Receptors in my coffee cup had analyzed my DNA
Passed it to the table via hidden Bluetooth relay
And I was predisposed by genes to hair loss, curliness and grey
Without question I would want to buy a new toupee
So I would find an offer in my Twaddle feed today
In fact it had connected to my bank to set up auto-pay
And it was glad to tell me that delivery was underway I asked my wife if she was as annoyed by this as me
She offered an agreement package, absolutely free

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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2 Responses to Land of Opportunities

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Brilliant! On my way over to check out that site. Great share!

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