The Fly

I’ve been on the road, so today’s Poem of the Week is making a late appearance. Mea culpa! It’s a short piece by one of my favorites, Ogden Nash. I was recently in Glacier National Park. Prior to getting there, we stayed in Waterton, which seems to have an extraordinarily large population of flies. Hence, the following:

The Fly

The Lord in His wisdom made the fly,

then forgot to tell us why.

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2 Responses to The Fly

  1. We recently had an infestation of Phorid Flies. While I had read that rotted potatoes were often the culprit, it still took me a week to find the source – bag of liquidified potatoes in the dark recesses of the pantry. Not pretty.

    But as we read about the flies and their lifecycle I commented that this only proved that God likes annoying us. Your poem is spot on!

  2. timfergudon says:

    Ah ha… so that’s where I got my forgetfulness from!!! 🙂

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