Yes and No

One never wants to say “no” to life, and hope is the driving force into tomorrow, as illustrated by this Monday’s Poem of the Week. Given the vagaries of my schedule coming up in future months, from now on, this post should be considered just Poem of the Week, as it may be difficult to hew to a strict Monday schedule. Hope you check in, regardless. Be well, stay healthy.

Yes & No

The woman with fewer than six months

got engaged today

in the exam room. Both

of them seemed pleased, saying Yes

and Yes over and over, smiling.

Who knows

why – perhaps the breathless

part of him that already mourns and calls

my office over and over saying What

can I do for her, what

can I do?

  • Jillian Barnet
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1 Response to Yes and No

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    He wants her last six months to be as happy as possible. Lucky woman ~ I’m sure you’ve seen some partners turn tail. Beautiful story, beautifully written. Real poetry.

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