This Poem of the Week is arriving a little late, and the reason is not important. Hope you enjoyed it, anyway.


Ideas are like dust and lint
They ceaselessly appear
Churned out dirty from the mint
They choke the atmosphere
It’s easy to detect them
They are coating every surface
The trick is to collect them
And to make them serve a purpose
To separate the choicest bits
To pound and sand and scrape them
To wad them up and make them stick
To polish and reshape them
Peeling, padding, painting, poking
Pressure, glue and heat
Strongarm tactics, gentle coaxing
Charges and retreats
To add, subtract, adjust, combine
To trim but not diminish
And most of all, to draw the line
That says the thing is finished

Copyright © 2003 by Dave Grossman

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2 Responses to Ideas

  1. Ana Daksina says:

    Perfect meter, unstrained rhymes, completely topical, strong ending ~ what’s not to love here? 👏👏👏

  2. This is good!

    I sent you those lyric and have been grinding away at ideas since then. Neither strongarm or gentle tactics have been very effective. The next verses have not come easily.

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