In Praise of Pants

Life is always better lived with gratitude. Today’s Poem of the Week offers my friend Dave’s tongue-in-cheek paean to an everyday item we all would be hard put to live without.

In Praise of Pants

When impinged by winter wind
By snow or sunshine’s pointed lance
Legs encased in merest skin
I’m glad I’ve got my pants When hiking hilltops far and wide
Through prickery stickery plants
When chiggers smell my delicate hide
Thank goodness for my pants When fickle whim of Venus grants
Emergent courtship song and dance
It’s possible to sink the chance
For vulnerable new romance
If, by rueful happenstance
My pasty uprights should be glanced
I camouflage the pale expanse
By masquerade of pants And when my flimsy fleshy stilts
Are nipped by yappy schnauzers
Give me not your skirts and kilts
But armor me with trousers Though some will claim that they confine
Preferring free and open air
Mostly those from warmer climes
Or those with lavish body hair
I still employ them every day
Perhaps because I have not found
A single more effective way
To hold my pockets off the ground

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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