The Speed of Time

In many ways, life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. For those of you who make comments about how fast time is passing, the following poem is for you.

The Speed of Time

The speed of time is not a constant sort of an expression
It seems to be experiencing vast acceleration
The more of it that races by, the quicker its progression
Foot upon the gas without apparent destination
Perhaps because we live in an expanding universe
Or the weight of the past is piling up and causing an imbalance
Perhaps it’s the result of some revengeful gypsy curse
Or just another Homo sapiens odd perceptual talent
It took molasses time for humankind to struggle past
The days of caves and cobblestones and myths of manticores
And now the rate of change has gotten throttled up so fast
That they’re already selling DVDs in antique stores
An exponentially careening flitting fleeting flirt
I frankly am afraid that someone’s going to be hurt

Copyright © 2010 by Dave Grossman

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