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The Deal

Welcome to another edition of poetry Monday. Given that my offspring is about to have another birthday, the following poem by him felt particularly appropriate. The Deal This is the deal, I tell you: You’re half me, half your mother, … Continue reading

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Another week has flown by in the inexorable march of time, and Poetry Monday is here again to celebrate that unique bond between fathers and sons. Enjoy! Links We are now both irrevocably fathers, links on a strange chain made … Continue reading

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To Vote Or Not To Vote

TO VOTE OR NOT TO VOTE… I wrote this piece several elections ago, but it seems even more pertinent now than it was then. I have to confess, I originally wrote it mainly because I knew my son would read … Continue reading

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What Should I Do With My Life?

What Should I Do With My Life? We are living through hard times, perhaps the hardest that many of us have experienced.  It is during times like these that people are most likely willing to change the course of their … Continue reading

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Childhood Disappointment

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Children and Money

What is any parent’s goal in raising their child? Ideally, you want them to grow up with a strong sense of values, to be kind and caring, to be responsible, to be capable of both giving and receiving love, to … Continue reading

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