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The Robot Will See You Now

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had a special section regarding some of the structural changes that have occurred in the practice of medicine in the United States, and projections for what will come in the future. They talk about the … Continue reading

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Viral Times and Parental Communication

I recently read an article by Mark Agronin in the WSJ discussing why it is so difficult for us to communicate with people, even those we know well: our parents, our children. As it turns out, it’s because words we … Continue reading

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VISTA – Not Always a Full View

VISTA – Not Always a Full View   My old computer was getting more buggy by the day, and after consulting my favorite poet (whose day job is writing for computer magazines) I was advised to trade in my abacus … Continue reading

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Crawling through Spaces

This entire day, my connection with Spaces has proceeded at a snail’s pace. I have fast T1 connection, and have not been experiencing this problem on other sites. Any of you having the same problem? Anyone know what to do … Continue reading

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