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Welcome back to Poetry Monday. Hope you had a relaxing weekend. Here is your poetry offering to stat your week. Be well, stay safe. return coming back, the boomerang path, the return to the familiar grasp that launched the open … Continue reading

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It’s a new year, and the less said of the old one, better. What fresher way to start the new calendar than with a poem from Poetry Monday. Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and allow the following to help … Continue reading

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New Year’s Traditions

New Year’s traditions range across cultures and families.  A recent edition of Poets & Writers describes some of these. Rolling empty suitcases around the block to increase one’s chances of traveling (remember when we were able to travel anywhere?), pounding … Continue reading

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Hope – The Best Gift for Christmas

As we rapidly approach this Christmas, many I know have expressed a lack of enthusiasm for the coming holiday. Certainly, if Christmas is little more to you than the wrapping of presents, the exchange of gifts, or a big family … Continue reading

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In 1789, George Washington was the first president to proclaim a Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday, November 26, as a day of celebration for the US Constitution. In the 1800’s, Sarah Josepha Hale, an editorialist, began a campaign to have several … Continue reading

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Need a Smile?

If you are like me, you’re likely tired by now of the profusion of bad news flooding our lives, ranging from tragic to infuriating, from sad to incomprehensible. Here then, is a moment to stop, relax, and hopefully, move on … Continue reading

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Welcome to Poetry Monday, and a small dose of normalcy before enduring the results of the elections tomorrow. Hopefully, you will have all exercised your plebiscite. Enduring We like our numbers and measurements, quantification against chaos, hope in description as … Continue reading

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Travel provides a perspective – what we find, what we left behind. It’s Monday, so it must be time for another poem to continue this theme. Hope you are all surviving the vicissitudes of this pandemic life. perspective home for … Continue reading

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What Should I Do With My Life?

What Should I Do With My Life? We are living through hard times, perhaps the hardest that many of us have experienced.  It is during times like these that people are most likely willing to change the course of their … Continue reading

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Children and Money

What is any parent’s goal in raising their child? Ideally, you want them to grow up with a strong sense of values, to be kind and caring, to be responsible, to be capable of both giving and receiving love, to … Continue reading

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