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Honor Is Not Just A Word

I had a lot of time for contemplation yesterday during the four hour drive to and from San Diego, and in the many hours waiting for my step-brother to get out of his long surgery. (Happily, it went well.) He … Continue reading

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Book Recommendations

Since many of us are in social isolation mode, I have found myself doing a lot more reading recently than I usually do, and wanted to share with my readers a couple of my recent favorites. If you enjoy non-fiction, … Continue reading

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Father’s Day – 2020

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, a chance for those who are fortunate enough to still have their fathers on the right side of the grass to let them know how grateful they feel. Sadly, for many of us, our fathers have … Continue reading

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Pediatric Dilemma

Babies and small children are not miniature adults, and taking care of them is far from child’s play. After the machismo world of surgery, my pediatric rotation would introduce me to a much kinder and gentler group of physicians. It … Continue reading

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