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Why English is Such A Hard Language to Learn

Since English is not my mother tongue, I sympathize with all those who struggle to learn its idiom, and remain confused by its subtle nuances. I won’t even go into its pronounciation (there is a reason why the civilized languages … Continue reading

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Postcard from the South

POSTCARD FROM THE SOUTH   How do you convince two friends to go with you somewhere they’ve never been before?  The promise of adventure and good shopping made the decision for Mary a lot easier than it was for Dave, … Continue reading

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Postcard from El Norte

POSTCARD FROM EL NORTE   Strange travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God. So it came about that after some discussion and arm-twisting, Miki, tag-teaming with Eva, persuaded me to visit the North of Chile. I was promised incredible scenery, … Continue reading

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Immortality. It’s been a dream of mankind throughout the ages, starting from the first moments when the ephemeral nature of our lives began to penetrate our consciousness. We strive to simulate it by our vain attempts to rejuvenate our exterior … Continue reading

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