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Dog dignity

Dogs may not be the most dignified of all animals, and we certainly don’t do much to enhance their image, as the following photos illustrate. I like dogs a lot, and would never subject one of mine to such indignities … Continue reading

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PARIS MATCH   After a period of negotiations, I’ve finally received permission from my favorite poet and his new bride to publish some of the personal photos I shot at their July wedding.  (Please see the photos in my album … Continue reading

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The Tree

Who amongst us does not have a recollection of yelling, "Hey, Mom, look at me!"? This seemingly universal need for attention and approval by the person who is most important in our lives (and the degree to which this need … Continue reading

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East meets West

East meets West One of the marvels of life is that it leads us down paths we have never expected to travel. Today was a spectacular day, even by Southern California standards. The Santa Ana winds had blown all the … Continue reading

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