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Medical Terms for the Lay Public

MEDICAL TERMS FOR THE LAY PUBLIC (A-H)   Doctors spend the first part of their education learning an arcane language designed to make their knowledge look more obscure than it really is. The following represents a layman’s interpretation of some … Continue reading

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING   To all of you who have read the words on these pages or looked at the photos on my site, and especially for those of you who have shared your thoughts and feelings here, I wish you … Continue reading

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OUTRAGE   I came home Friday to discover that our house had been burglarized. Drawers had been pulled out and dumped on the floor, closets ransacked, file drawers emptied and papers strewn throughout the house. Before departing, the culprits took … Continue reading

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Health Research and the Public

Health Research and the Public   I was reading Kelsey’s blog today, ( which is always thought provoking and a good read, when the thought came to me: “Why is the public so eager to know each piece of health research … Continue reading

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The Healing Touch

THE HEALING TOUCH   I had dinner last night with a couple I’ve been friends with for some time. It was a pleasant evening, made more so by good food and wine, not to mention a lively conversation. As we … Continue reading

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Baptized Animals

A minister friend shared with me the following story, and I now pass it on to you. And please….I don’t want to hear from any of you who have strong feelings about the souls of your pets, whether they have … Continue reading

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Having spent a good part of the day looking at photos and talking about photography, I came across a frightening idea: what if our cameras could talk and criticize us? THE PHOTOCOMMENTARYOF AN EXPENSIVECAMERA IN THE HANDSOF AN AMATEUR. BY SEBASTIAN GALLESE … Continue reading

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Smart Blondes

In an ongoing effort to inject a little levity to my at-times-overly-weighty discussions, I’m sharing with you the following story to recently come across my desk. My apologies to anyone who’s already read this, and if anyone is offended, I … Continue reading

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