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Memento Mori

There was a time, no more than a few generations ago, when the concept of death was not as far removed from American lives as it has become today. It was a time when family members died at home instead … Continue reading

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Love’s Sacrifice

Approaching the Christmas holidays, I was looking to post an inspirational story, when I came across this one on a site, It’s a different take on the classic O’Henry short story, and one which made me think repeatedly about … Continue reading

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The Role Of Luck In Our Lives

It’s interesting to see how people view the role of luck in their lives, and how these perceptions reflect on their own views of themselves. Recent research has shown that chance plays a far larger role in our lives than … Continue reading

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A River, A Book, A Stone

a river, a book, a stone   where I am from all but the stones and a few trees are young.   but where I have been, time, human time, is deep. you can dive into it, plumb the depths … Continue reading

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Beauty – But At What Price?

Beauty – At what price?   There was a recent article by Jan Henderson on the lengthy media coverage of the death during cosmetic surgery of aspiring Chinese pop star Wang Bei. The details are tragic: She was only 24. … Continue reading

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