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The Essence of Nothing

Christmas has come and gone. I can only hope your enjoyment of the holiday was as great as ours. I know I’ve been remiss in visiting you, but the time with family when we’re all together is so precious, I … Continue reading

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Chocolate – The All Consuming Passion

The countdown is approaching its climax – just a tad over five days left until Christmas. For all those who’ve been nice all year round, the pressure is on not to slip up in the home stretch. As for the naughty, … Continue reading

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Hard to believe, but it’s less than two weeks until Christmas. I’m excited, for my favorite poet is due to fly in from the Continent tomorrow so that he can spend the holidays with family and friends.  I’m sorry to … Continue reading

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Santa’s Mail

Seeing the grim looks on the faces of some of my co-workers as we approach closer to the day of Christmas, I felt it would be timely to step back and take a lighter hearted look at the Santa story. … Continue reading

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Talking about A Different Christmas Poem….

  This poem appeared on  site. I felt more people should read it, so I posted it here. We have a lot to remember during the holidays, and our soldiers should never be left off that list. Quote A … Continue reading

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Ask Your Doctor

I think I may have posted this piece before, but after today, I feel it needs to appear again. One of the things I never fail to be amazed at in my profession is the adult executive who comes into … Continue reading

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