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Dr. Seuss and Technology

It’s a beautiful weekend in Southern California, and we’re getting ready to head out the beach. Miki has an old school friend visiting from Chile, so we’re trying to show her some of the sights. In the meantime, for all of … Continue reading

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Most of us grow up with a complicated relationship to our fathers, that figure of power in our lives who is often absent at work, who most of us try to impress and many of us have difficulty communicating with, … Continue reading

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For those of you who have been stuck in an underground shelter awaiting the end of all days, politics is in the news. With appreciation to my friend, Fulton, here is an old simple guide updated with new modern revisions.  Enjoy your weekend.  … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day   This is the day we have chosen to officially honor not only our own mothers, but also the concept of motherhood itself. Regardless of the nature of the relationship you’ve had with your own mom, it is … Continue reading

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Over the years, the medical profession has done a fairly lousy job of managing the public’s expectations. With TV doctors solving medical mysteries in 30-60 minutes (and having entire teams whose only apparent job is the provide for one or … Continue reading

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British Humor

Thanks to all of you who persevered through my Postcards of the Riviera, with special thanks to those who were kind enough to leave a comment. Your feedback is the only way I have of knowing if what I’m doing has … Continue reading

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