Postcard to Jack

Welcome back to another Poetry Monday. Most of us are dreaming of being able to travel again after almost a year of lock-down with no immediate end in sight. Here is a paean by our poet to the writer who inspired many to hit the road, and the power of the written word to change the lives of others. Enjoy it, be well.

postcard to Jack

well, Jack, seems the fuse you lit in me

finally reached the charge.

it was a slow burn;

my moldering teens dampened the wick.

you know I almost turned computer programmer?

no kidding.

I pulled back just before the trap sprang

and went to New York looking for you.

they told me you’d moved on.

can’t blame you –

there’s a Disney store in Times Square.

I lasted two years.

now I’m on the road, haha.

just wanted to say thanks for everything,

and give you a tip.

next time you point the car at the other coast,

leave Neal at home.

go it alone.


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