Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is the day we have chosen to officially honor not only our own mothers, but also the concept of motherhood itself. Regardless of the nature of the relationship you’ve had with your own mom, it is not a day you can escape from or forget, as you will be bombarded by reminders from all those who are invested in making this day a commercial success, if not an emotional one.

Anyone who has ever been a mother knows that regardless of the joy and satisfaction the role can give, the job description of a mom is lengthy and arduous, and not for those who are faint of heart. In many respects, the quality of our civilization has a direct relationship to how well the mothers of the world have done their job. Who else will teach and model for a child better the concept of duty, sacrifice, love, compassion, trust, forgiveness, tenderness, integrity, devotion and faith than a mother? Many mothers are handicapped in their role by circumstances of poverty, lack of education, lack of male or family support, illness both physical and mental, yet most will do the best they can for their children. As we become adults, we grow to realize this fact, and accept that while our own mothers may not have been perfect, they did the best they could for us, and we honor them for their effort, their love, and their sacrifices.

Sadly, Miki and I have been left orphans in this world, but we were both fortunate to know and to have been raised by two women who gave to us all that they had, loved us unconditionally, and to whom we remain forever grateful not only for all that they have given to us, but also for teaching us the qualities of a good man and good woman that allow us to share our own happiness this day. To all of you who are mothers, to all of you who love your mothers, to all who still have come to terms with humanity of your own mothers, and to all of you who aspire to be mothers yourselves –  we offer this day our salute. Happy Mother’s Day!

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day 2021

  1. Corkywk says:

    Well said Jorge! Mothers routinely sacrifice their own happiness, their needs and their dreams in support of their children. They laugh when we laugh, cry when we cry and love us good or bad and unconditionally. One day of celebration, one phone call, one gift, not near enough to express the gratitude for a lifetime of devotion.

    It’s now our turn to show our love for her and not just today but everyday going forward. Without exception and for the rest of her life! Because life is fragile and waiting for later may never come. A very Happy Mothers day to all!

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    As always, thanks for sharing your wisdom, insight, and for taking the time to connect. Be well!

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