Here’s something to think about at our ages  ..

1. The inventor of the treadmill died at the age of 54

2. The inventor of gymnastics died at the age of 57

3. The world bodybuilding champion died at the age of 41

4. The best footballer in the world Maradona, died at the age of 60.

5. James Fuller Fixx credited with helping start America’s fitness
revolution by popularizing the sport of running died of a heart attack
while jogging at 52 years of age.


5. The KFC inventor died at 94.

6. Inventor of Nutella brand died at the age of 88

7. Imagine, cigarette maker Winston  died at the age of 102

8. The inventor of opium died at the age of 116 in an earthquake

9. And the Hennessey Liquor inventor died at 98.

How did these doctors come to the conclusion that exercise prolongs life?

The rabbit is always jumping up and down but it lives for only 2 years
and the turtle that doesn’t exercise at all, lives 400 years.

So, take some rest, chill, stay cool, eat, drink and enjoy your life.

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5 Responses to Longevity

  1. Susi Bocks says:

    Hear, hear!! 🙂

    • Jorge Medico says:

      Great to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by. Be well.

      • Susi Bocks says:

        You make a great point with this piece. Sometimes what gets us to the end is the “enjoyment” of life rather than constricting ourselves into the constructed “models of health.” 🙂 I don’t get around as often anymore but I’m glad to catch up with my favorites when I do! You take care as well!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I needed to read this today!

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