Medical Humor

Awash with tragedy (figuratively and literally) in the news, I felt we could all do with a bit of humor. Here it is:


Doctors spend the first part of their education learning an arcane language designed to make their knowledge look more obscure than it really is. The following represents a layman’s interpretation of some medical words. 

Acute – opposite of ugly.

Anus – we didn’t do it.

Beri-beri – a fruit-flavored drink.

Biology – the science of shopping.

Bronchitis – what nervous cowboys experience at rodeos.

CAT scan – kitty search.

Cellulitis – a jail term.

Cerebral palsy – a smart friend.

Collagen – a university student.

Giardia – Italian police.

High colonic – a Jewish religious holiday.

Hippocratic oath – an exclamation when you get your hospital bill.

Hirsute – not his suit.

Hookworm – a fishing lure.

Hygiene – a greeting.

Feel free to offer up your own daffynitions. I’ll post them, along with new words (I – Z) next time around.

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2 Responses to Medical Humor

  1. Alison says:

    These are so funny!

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