Open Heart

As a student, seeing my first heart surgery was a profound experience. This Monday’s Poem of the Week does a remarkable job of capturing the mystery and the magic of this remarkable organ on which we all critically depend.

Open Heart

I didn’t know that the heart


when it beats –

wrings itself, a

tight squeeze, then

bounces back to

continue –

exposed. I watch it dance,

naked to our eyes, like a

timid animal shying away, it is so much


than I expected, so much


than I thought it would be, my breath


with the fluidity of the

cycle, my own heart


beneath my sternum, reveling in the

rhythm, fiercely


  • Zoe Onion
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3 Responses to Open Heart

  1. As you know, the topic of the heart – and specifically, heart surgery – is top-of-mind around our home. I did a little research into my son’s procedure and am amazed at what modern medicine can do and even more amazed and what our heart does for us moment by moment, day by day.

    We are an incredible machine!

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    You are absolutely right. We take so much for granted! Be well.

  3. The only muscle that doesn’t stop working since the day we were born!

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