Bone Density Scan

We all grow brittle with age as for various physiologic and medical reasons our bone become more porous as we loose calcium from our bodies. For those of you concerned about osteoporosis, here is the following poem.

Bone Density Scan

You make flesh disappear, as death

will do less gently; make me of mineral

like the moon, waxing or waning.

I feel nothing as your hail of rays

glides over. I’m reflecting

belly-up, though it probes my backbone.

It will find how hard my hardest parts are, measuring the shadows.

So much of me is fluid, easily

stretched or gathered; the heart squeezing

returning blood, alveoli thinning

their films against air, the liver embracing

sugars and toxins, the surging circuits

packed in the brain. But bones sustain

their shape, unyielding as belief.

From density the risk they take

is known, the grief if they should break.

Beverly Greenspan, PhD, MD

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