The Moon



The moon escapes the pale water’s rim,

Rises, and the waters jump and run

And trace their steps across the sandy bottom

To the secret place where they began;

And as the creeping moon trims her way

Across the starry sky, the waters stop

Turn around, and run again to play

With the shore.

                        Every water step

Is calculated by the moon’s delight.

Though horns and shadows decorate her face,

Or yellow craters drop their golden light,

Or darkness hides the strangeness of her face,

No one else can hum her lunar tune –

And waters cannot dance without the moon.

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15 Responses to The Moon

  1. Kathryn says:

    ahhhh….I love Old Moon\\how lovely

  2. Debbie says:

    Love the imagery. There\’s nothing like seeing the moon\’s reflection in the water, is there? Because I\’ve seen it so few times, it\’s always memorable.

  3. Marge says:

    Greetings, Jorge.Beautiful words, Jorge.I have been a sky-watcher all my life; have come to appreciate it most since learning the legends, language, and meanings of the skies. I still remember when I first learned about the tidal effect of the moon on the oceans.Although I understood the science behind it, the primitive one in me wanted to hang onto the magical side, the one still wishing to worship and adore the beautiful moon.I have never seen the tides. My beloved and I talk about going to visit the west coast and dip our toes in the mighty Pacific. Perhaps I will witness the ancient tidal effect then.I hope to be able to see that dance between the waters and the moon. I promise to listen really hard…perhaps I\’ll hear the soft song sung by Lady Moon…Thank you for sharing these lovely words. Restful. Calming… I\’m leaving this good place more peaceful than when I first arrived…I wish you peace.Marge

  4. SANDRA says:

    Ohhh Jorge..your words are utterly beautiful…I remember the first time I saw the Atlantic ocean…at sunset..the tide rolling in….ebbing…..the moon shining softly above…my heart skipped a tho I were in tune with the Lunar Music as you describe…You my friend are remarkable..I come here often to read your wise words…and I always leave taking you with me to savor…Eternally…..Sanddee

  5. Cheryl says:

    That is great…I am a Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon fan. Have lots of pictures of both of them.

  6. Brian says:

    Lovely, that. And thanks for stopping by. Hope home is beginning to feel safe again.

  7. Stephen Craig says:

    Jorge, Nice piece on the tides and the Moon. Very good.I enjoy writing of the Moon and when it is full I look up in wonder, then smile, and chuckle to myself. For I know all my X\’s are bleeding Wink!Should have given you a grin…As ever be well. Stephen Craig Rowe

  8. Jaime Campbell says:

    Jorge, that is lovely! I don\’t think I\’ve had the pleasure of reading your poetry before. Just lovely. I love this, "Or darkness hides the strangeness of her face." I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season. I\’m trying not to get too rushed and just enjoy it. Hugs,J.

  9. Deirdre says:

    Gorgeous imagery here. Loved this one. You out did yourself! Hope you are well :-)D

  10. Michelle says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful poem!I love to see the moon or the sun over water.I enjoy the moon and stars at night too. Nature really does bless us with some beautiful gifts.Have a great week Jorge!Abrazo,Michelle

  11. the1stephzen says:

    I love this! On my blog you wrote that you hoped I would take time to savor – I will. Urgency to get anything done or get through anything isn\’t something I\’ve felt a lot of these last few years. I am going to get a chance to see the water dance. My sister wants us to go for a week to Florida during the Christmas break – her treat!

  12. Lakota Clay says:

    Jorge,What wonderful imagery. Each time I read it the depth becomes more apparent."The waters cannot dance without the moon."True for all of us, I am thinking. We need the steady ebb and flow of the structure that holds us together, yet we need to dance as well.Powerful.Thank you! Lakota

  13. Linda says:

    So beautiful!

  14. Patricia says:

    This is wonderful, Jorge…You\’ve word-pictured a beautiful moon…

  15. Moon says:

    from where came this inspirational poem?i\’m a moon lover, you see, i\’ve got to know 🙂

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