And A Helmet

We’re approaching (can you believe it!) Thanksgiving this Thursday, a time traditionally filled with an abundance of food, family, and of course, football. My gratitude to Dave for allowing me to post the following poem from his wonderful collection. Please visit his site at to see all his other wonderful treasures.

And a HelmetLife should have an instant replay
Just like football on TV
So many moments through the day
Would benefit from scrutiny And then there are the pits and snags
When rulings on the field are skewed
For these we need a challenge flag
A way to get things booth reviewed Commentary’s there in spades
From seven billion panelists
But entirely too much play-by-play
And not enough analysis A playbook and an overhead cam
Would help my plans enormously
A halftime break with a marching band
And a deeper bench, with a second-string me

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2 Responses to And A Helmet

  1. miguel says:

    What happened to the line breaks?

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    Don’t know. Everything looks OK on my end 😦

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