Poem by Nikki Giovanni

Welcome back to Poetry Monday. For those of us who are still in search of the meaning in our lives, this poem speaks volumes.

in youth our ignorance gives us courage

with age our courage gives us hope

with hope we learn that man is more

than the sum of what he does

we also are what we wish we did

and age teaches us

that even that doesn’t matter.

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5 Responses to Poem by Nikki Giovanni

  1. Thanks for sharing from one of my favorite poets, although I can’t quite recall this one, lol.

  2. Jorge Medico says:

    I always knew you had good taste 🙂

  3. A German poet once said:
    “What a person makes of himself is what he is.” – Adolph Kolping (1813-1865)
    Jorge, keep safe and well…
    🙋😘 Rosie from Germany

  4. Jorge Medico says:

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s always great to be able to connect with you. 🙂

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