Dandelion Seed

It seems inevitable in certain demographics that news of loss and major illness amongst those who are close to us erodes the confidence we have in our own futures, creating reminders that we all live under the sword of Damocles. Out of these memento mori moments comes the following for our Monday Poem of the Week.

Dandelion Seed

You left like a dandelion seed,

blown by winds over which I had

no control, though I desperately

hoped I might. Like all fathers,

I wanted you settled in fertile soil,

so you might reach your full potential,

creating your own seeds to scatter into

future bloom, the results of which I

may never see.

I had hopes you would find your spot

nearby, so I could see the flowering you

produced. How vain and deluded are

our dreams! Yet, I am comforted by knowing

that you have found good soil into which you

have placed your own tokens of immortality

in the only manner available to any of us. May

the sun shine and the rains nourish all that

you have produced even as my own roots

begin their inevitable decay.

Copyright © 2022 by George Ferenczi

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